Detox Mind Body Soul!

“Jeves Juices are 100% natural, using real ingredients with no additives or preservatives. This ensures that essential vitamins, minerals, micro nutrients and antioxidants are contained. Working alongside a qualified nutritionist, Jeves Juices and cleanse program was created.”


Your skin will absolutely love you during the cleanse and after a cleanse your skin will be glowing, ultra-clear & smooth. The effects are amazing!

for your health

Juice cleanses have some astonishing effects on your general health, you’ll see improvements in gut health, energy and a lot more

for your time

Juice cleanses can be super time saving – having a plan and a goal to stick towards means always being ready for your next juice, save your time.

Organic Juices With Great Taste

Wanting to feel refreshed and healthy? That is exactly how you will feel after a juice cleanse. It will rid your body of all the harmful toxins and leave you feeling energised and revitalised!


Our Cleanses

We’ve spent years trying different ways, combinations and lengths for our cleanses – It’s been written in such a way that you can experience all the amazing benefits of a juice cleanse right from home – picking your own schedule and with amazing tasting juices.

fresh & Healthy Juices

We get a lot of questions about how cleanses work and how to do them right, without giving away our special combination I’ve left some frequently asked questions below.

How long do cleanses last?

We have a variety of lengths to fit any lifestyle – our cleanses are made to be variable and set you on the path to success instead of short term highly mandated plans we focus on good long term habit setting so you can always return and re-do a cleanse when you’re feeling the need for it.

How many days should I do a cleanse for?

A one day cleanse is the perfect introduction for a beginner, or if you want a quick reset after a big weekend. Three day cleanses will service your body to a higher level, while still being manageable for a beginner to intermediate cleanser. Five days or more is a spiritual experience with immense health benefits, that would be most recommended to an advanced cleanser. 

Will a cleanse benefit and clear my skin?

Yes of course! The root of most skin concerns come from the inside. A juice cleanse will help heal your gut and in doing so leave you with glowing and clear skin!

How often should I do a juice cleanse?

It depends on each person and their personal journey. However, we would recommend that you don’t do any more than one a month. 

Do the juices have any additives?

No! Our Juices are 100% natural and only made with real fruit and vegetables. There no added sugars or preservatives. 

Can I cleanse while exercising?

Yes, but we recommend light exercise while cleansing. If you cannot avoid strenuous activity, please eat light meals with your cleanse- such as vegetables, fruits, nuts or clean meals. 

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